Eco-Vegan Gal, Viewer of the Month Feature

Hey all my fellow readers! I am so excited to share with you my “Viewer of the Month” Feature on Eco-Vegan Gal! I have been doing a ton of work behind the scenes for not only my blog but I have also been learning, growing and contributing a ton of awesome work with Eco-Vegan Gal‘s website as well.

The time has come that my “Viewer of the Month” has been publicized. I am so happy to present it to you! Be sure to go here for the full article: My Viewer of the Month Feature. But here is also a small preview of what you will get!…

“Courtney is a rock star member of the EvG Apprentice Program.”

“…I have always believed that when one buys something from a company they are directly supporting the company’s values and mission.”

“The part that I love the most about this site is you get the chance to watch Whitney develop into the well-educated Eco-Vegan chick she is today”

Allright, that is all the preview you get! Head over here for the rest… My Viewer of the Month Feature.

Also I want to let you know I have a ton of work that will be reeled soon on Eco-Vegan Gal, so stay tuned for more updates!

Red and I

As always, Lots of Love!!

…be brave…be powerful…be you…©




Your Path…

“Spiritual life is a matter of becoming who you truly are. It is not becoming Catherine of Siena, or some other Saint, but who you are. It sounds easy enough, but being who you truly are is Work, Courage and Faith.”      ~Richard Rohr

woods painting

Time and time again we are bombarded with the notion that the wide path, societies path, is easy, following what everyone else says is easy; but its emotionally lonely and impersonal. It is so traveled, the road is flat, worn down with no grass no flowers because everyone before you has picked them. No shade from the sun cause all the trees have been cut down.

But the narrow path: Your Path, My Path is windy, hilly, mountainous. Runs by rivers and lakes full of fish and beautiful land animals. It has flowers, plenty for you to enjoy, yet thorns. It has rocks and mud yet lush grass to play in.

Our Path, has every view we need to see, very tool we need to live, every obstacle we can go through. Our path was designed for us individually. Our problem is we are so blinded by what others say our path should be or look like we loose track of how beautiful our path truly is.

It take courage, work and faith, but its beautiful and has everything we need.

Our path is our spiritual life on a SouleJourney to who we are.

till next time ya’ll!


…be brave…be powerful…be you…©

Shhhhut Down the Fat Talk

This video is a awesome tag-a-long to my pervious post about ones body size and how we view our bodies when shopping and trying on clothes. Please help me in spreading to all women that eating healthy and staying active are just two of the keys to a happier life. You also need to love yourself in its entirety!

Lots of love!
…be brave…be powerful…be you…©

Does Size Matter?…


After a wonderful day of cooking all the awesome food my family loves to make, this year they were awesome in incorporating vegan alternatives for me, we all sat around in out pjs with our food babies watching football, crocheting, talking and having an amazing time.

Usually we do not partake in the Black Friday events, to us its simply not worth it. We do not buy each other a lot of things, and honestly we collect christmas gifts throughout the year. I personally like crocheting items for my family members. This year my mom and I ventured out into the madness (well we didn’t go at 6am, we went more at noon) to our favorite store for some much needed business and casual clothes shopping.

As I was there shopping with my mom it dawned on me, every single item I was picking up was a size Large (maybe a medium) and if it was a dress or pants it was a size 14.

{insert GASP here}

I found myself not caring. I did not care they I was pulling the size larges off the shelf.

“I liked the garnet by golly I wanted to try it on”

In society we get told we need to be skinny, don’t eat so you can fit into the size 0. Or my fav, lets cut out some of the major food groups to fit into those jeans.

If I were to compare myself to the hottest model out there would I be considered obese? Yes! If I compare myself to the average healthy women out there, would I be obese? No!

My point here is for us to stop comparing ourselves to the models out there and to other women. We are all individuals and our bodies change every year!

One of the reasons I did not care that I was grabbing the size L off the rack is that I have come to love my body in all stages that it is in. When I started college I was a size 10 and wore a medium sized top. I did not have a ton of muscle on me and I ran a lot. Now I have a lot more muscle, my biceps are 12inches of muscle. My thighs are a little bigger now due to all the squatting I’ve done. Am I perfect? No. Will I ever get back to the size 10? I don’t know, maybe, maybe not. After all i have lost about 4inches over all my body the past 2 months, but I have also gained some muscle with that.

I am not telling your this to boast about my progress or throw in your face that I love my body size and shape. No I am telling you this to give you confidence to look at yourself naked in the mirror and tell yourself everyday, You are BEAUTIFUL and You LOVE yourself.

We should not be our own worst enemy, there are enough people out there to take on that role for you. We need to love ourselves no matter what size we are. We need to walk confidently into a store and pull any item off the self and wear it confidently!

I am on a mission to dress myself to compliment my body (no matter where it is at) and my personal style and to walk confidently too.

I hope you join me in on my mission!



…be brave…be powerful…be you…©

The Little Things


A friend of mine posted this video in her blog ( just the other day. It was not the first time I had seen this video. I saw it for the first time like last year. It made me realize just how connect and ABSORBED into out social media we are and just how much we miss the small and precious stuff. 

As I am writing this, I have my headphones in listening to pandora to drown out the noise of people walking down the hall in-between class. I have a word document open working on an assignment, I am also flipping back and forth between email, Facebook, instagram, text messages. 

As I think about the video and its meaning to me, I can’t help but think of how much I have fallen prey to the social media pull. We Facebook as we watch a tv show when out dog or cat are staring at us going, “Pet me, Pet me! or Brush me Mom!”. Im left with going how crazy this cycle has become! 

Why do we do this? Why do we always feel the need to be constantly doing something? Why do we feel the need to be glued to a screen? What happened to finger painting outside cause we can? or What happened to spending none media time with loved ones?

Don’t get me wrong Im not saying we can’t post things on Facebook or watch TV or text message. These are all great avenues of technology advancements. But do we really need to be on them SOOO much! 

When I first saw the video I told myself, “Thats it! no more being glued to the screen!” From then on I used this awesome tool on my phone and macbook called “DO NOT DISTURB”. WHOA!!! that tool exists?!? Why yes it does! you turn it on and set a time and you don’t get any notifications during that time frame. HOW AWESOME! 

When I stared using this feature I noticed I spent less time in front of screens. I played more with my animals because a text message or email wasn’t dinging at me. I read a book worked on my crochet. All of this was positive movement into becoming less dependent on social media and screens, but it wasn’t all that easy.

I started having people get angry with me. They didn’t understand why I never got back to their text message they sent me at 9pm or 7pm or even at 7/8am. They wanted an answer like NOW. It took me a while to explain to people that I turn my phone silent from 7pm-8am and if you contact me during that time I wont get it right away. 

They were so perplexed by this, I explained to them why i did it and how FREE I felt from doing this. Needless to say they started to understand and evening others started to do it themselves too. 

All in all, we all need to unplug for a little bit a day. Whether you choose to use the “do not disturb” tool or turn your phone off, or put it in a different room. Maybe you only check email and post in other media once a day. Whatever works for You, unplug of a little bit. You wont regret it and most importantly you wont be missing much at all! 


Hope my first post was awesome for you! lol I hope you continue to join me on this SouleJourney of mine where I hope we all learn and grow into better versions of ourselves together! 


Lots of Love,